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Medicare Compare is a website that allows consumers to find and compare home health agencies based on zip code. However, it does not include agencies that provide solely personal care/private duty services. 

Click here for questions to ask your provider before choosing a home care service.

There are two types of home care providers: medical (Medicare certified) and private duty. Medical providers provide services such as wound care, home infusion therapy and physical therapy. Private duty provide personal care services such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, bathing and transport. However, many agencies that provide medical services may also provide personal care services.

Iowa Alliance in Home Care Members

Choosing a home care provider for you or a loved one can be a difficult process. Fortunately, there are home care options covering every corner of Iowa, a majority of which are IAHC members. IAHC member agencies provide an array of both medical and non-medical services to help keep people where they want to be - their home. As members, these organizations are involved in frequent continuing education courses in order to stay up-to-speed on current practices and requirements and help shape the home care landscape by being involved in advocacy efforts.

A directory of Medicare certified IAHC home health members is available here.

A directory of IAHC private duty home care members is available here.

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