State Advocacy

The Iowa Alliance in Home Care represents the home care industry in the state of Iowa.  IAHC represents more than 80% of Medicare-certified home health agencies and other providers of in-home services throughout the state of Iowa.  As the only association dedicated solely to this segment of the health care industry, IAHC positions itself as the voice of home health care in the state of Iowa.

IAHC advocates all year on behalf of our members and works with legislators and state agencies to make sure home care has a voice in government. The IAHC Council on Advocacy sets the legislative agenda along with the IAHC Board of Directors.

How to Advocate on Behalf of Home Care

Advocating for change at the state level is easier than you may think. On many issues, legislators receive little or no correspondence from their constituents. They are usually very receptive to individuals who are can better inform them on a topic in a clear and concise manner.  During the session, IAHC will often reach out to members through email and newsletters asking them to contact their legislators. Take a look at the information and give it serious consideration.

Attend Local Legislative Forums

In addition to visiting with your legislators at the Statehose, there are many additional opportunities for IAHC members to advocate and communicate the vision of Iowa’s home care agencies. One of the best ways to advocate on behalf of IAHC and the home care community is to meet with local legislators at forums. Forums are held throughout the session and give advocates across the state the ability to meet with local legislators in their area to discuss important topics.

IAHC suggests that members specifically focus advocacy efforts on the Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee, Senate Appropriation Committee chairs, House Appropriation Committee chairs, the leadership and individual House and Senate members.

Additional Resources

  • Find the state senators and representatives that you want to correspond with on the NAHC Legislative Action Network. You can use either the legislators where your facility is located or where you live, depending on whether you are writing as a facility administrator or concerned citizen.
  • Make sure they are currently working on the bill.  If the bill is in the house, then be sure to write your representative; if the bill is in the senate, write your senator.
  • Know the name of the bill. It will be either a House File or Senate File. Be sure to name it specifically in your message.
  • If the bill is still in committee, see if you legislator is on that committee. If they are, then correspond with them as you normally would. If not, ask them to talk to their colleagues on that committee about your bill.
  • Be specific in what action you are asking for. Ask for them to support, oppose, or support with changes a specific bill

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